Frequently Asked Questions


If you are providing services at zero cost, how do you make money?

When real estate agents refer clients to other real estate agents, the agent receiving the referral will pay a referral fee to the agent referring the client. This is standard practice among real estate agents and is how NEIGHBORLY REALTY® can provide services at zero cost to our clients.

I know someone at ___________ real estate company. What’s the difference between having you refer me to an agent and just using them?

In a word: EVERYTHING!!

With NEIGHBORLY REALTY®, we have a proven process that we go through to match you with a REALTOR® best suited to serve you based upon your real estate needs. We look at agents of all companies and hand-select the REALTOR® we expect will be the best one to help you based upon your real estate needs.

The person you know may be a great agent. But odds are, they’re not. According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2018 Member Profile, Exhibit 3-14, the median income of all REALTOR® Sales Agents was $17,890 in 2017. This means that 50% of all Sales Agents earned less than $18,000; but not only that, 59% earned less than $25,000; and, 69% earned less than $35,000.

What this means is that the majority of real estate agents don’t sell a lot of homes. And for you to be served well, you need an agent with a proven track record of success who sells a lot of properties. Anything less and you are selling yourself short. We suggest an agent have at least 50 closed transactions within the last three years before you even begin to consider having them represent you. Real experience matters.

I’m moving out of state, can you help me?

Absolutely. And even if you already have your home listed with a different agent, you owe it to yourself to contact us. We'll be able to connect you with an agent in the community in which you are relocating. Other agents of other real estate companies will simply give your name to their relocation department. And then, their relocation department will reach out to a cooperating relocation department (typically of the same brand). Next, that relocation company will almost always give your information to one of their agents paying the highest commission split to the company. This is how the relocation departments make their money. And to be clear, the best REALTORS® never pay the highest commission splits to the company. So, you will get an average-at-best agent if you go this route. And you deserve better.

Will NEIGHBORLY REALTY® be representing me during this transaction?

No. NEIGHBORLY REALTY® will NOT be representing you during this transaction. However, we will go through a process where we will understand you and your real estate needs. And, we will interview REALTORS® on your behalf and connect you with a top producing agent in the marketplace where your property needs to be bought or sold.

Can I contact you if I have questions?

ABSOLUTELY!! Sometimes a person wants a second opinion or a different perspective. And, we are always happy to help provide this when and where we can. However, it is essential that you understand that in giving a second opinion or a different perspective, we will not be providing you representation! The REALTOR® we refer you to will be the one to provide you with representation.